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Experience has taught us the best way to get your videotapes onto DVD.
We are committed to give you the best transfer at the best price.


Why should you transfer your videos?
Archiving your videos stops the deterioration process dead in its tracks. It provides a means for you to enjoy your recorded memories as never before. (See video productions.)

Why choose Blue Ribbon to transfer your videos?

  • We use the best source decks to play your videos.
  • We save your videos to archival DVDs.
  • Our pricing is reasonable.
  • We don't send your tapes elsewhere to be transfered.
  • We can save to an external hard drive.
  • We accommodate 8mm, vhs, mini dv, betacam, beta, 3/4 U-Matic", etc.
  • We maintain a backup of all transfers.

What is the finished product?
You will receive a dvd with up to 4 hours of video per dvd.  The dvd will be printed black on silver with your information on the dvd. We will maintain a backup copy on site at no extra charge.

$19.95 for each 4 hour master DVD with a $5.00 tape change after the first tape for every tape that will fit on that DVD.
Once the 4 hour DVD is full, we start over with another master DVD. 

Contact Proof Sheet.

Tape Repair.
Cassette repair no splicing $10.00
Splicing only $10.00
Cassette and splicing repair required $20.00

We pick up videos on Thursdays for free.  Any other day, $15.00.

Blank tape search.
If we suspect a blank tape we don't just pass it by. We search the entire tape for recorded material and only charge $3.00


  Black on Silver  Color
1 $6.00 $6.50
2 - 4 $5.00ea $5.50ea
5 - 9 $4.00ea $4.50ea
10 - 19 $3.50ea $4.00ea
20 + $2.50ea $3.00ea

Simple typesetting (5 lines) for silver CD is free. Simple typesetting for a color CD is $15.00

See our packaging section.package

Videotape to External Hard Drive Pricing

Transfer Prices
1st videotape of any length $19.95

Under 1 hour $7.00
Between 1 and 2 hours $9.00
Between 2 and 3 hours $10.00
Over 3 hours $12.00

Videotape to External Hard Drive AND DVD Pricing

If we transfer your videotape to an external hard drive the price for DVDs is less than if we transferred only to DVD.

$20 for each 4 hour DVD in addition to the charge for transferring to the external hard drive. 

External Hard Drive Pricing
Portable Flash Drives
"Flash drives" have solid state memory and no moving arts.
Size (Gigabytes) Price Features
8 $30.00 USB 2.0
32 $70.00 USB 2.0
64 $160.00 USB 2.0
Seagate Portable Hard Drives
No power source required.
Size (Gigabytes) Price Features Model
250 $100.00 USB 2.0 FreeAgent Go
320 $120.00 USB 2.0 FreeAgent Go
Seagate Powered Portable Hard Drives
Size (Gigabytes) Price Features Model
1500 $160.00 USB 2.0 FreeAgent Desk
1500 $209.00 USB 2.0, ESATA, Firewire FreeAgent Extreme

Video comes in many different formats these days. Whether you have VHS, 8mm, Hi 8, Digital 8, mini DV or hard disk, our expert techs can help you make the best decision for its transfer.

Digital video also offers many editing options such as titles, fancy transitions, and other enhancements.

We can help.Want to put your video on YouTube? We can compress your video to make that easier.

Spurious Materials- If you give us the “no spurious material” mandate, we won’t transfer such as things as tv shows or other material you categorically identify BEFORE transfer.

We can print on your DVD in color with any image, even one from the transfer.  See Packaging.