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We Rent.....

Video Projectors- $100.00 per day/weekend. Your choice of the following projectors.

Sharp BG-P10S- 1200 Lumens

InFocus X3- 1700 Lumens

Sharp XR- 11XC- 2000 Lumens

InFocus LP925- 2400 Lumens


Screens- $25.00 per day/weekend

7 by 7 tripod screens

Speakers- $75.00 per day/weekend for one, $85.00 for set

JBL with built in amplifier. Includes cable.

Microphones- $20.00 per day/weekend

Wireless or corded. Lavalier or hand held.

Camera- $50.00 per day/weekend

Mini DV camcorder on shoulder mount.

Tri-pod- $15.00 per day/weekend

Professional tripod.