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So now what do you do with the film, slides, photos, and videotape you have archived?  We are passionate about helping you make movie making a cherished experience. This website will show you some things you can do with your images.  See our gallery.

Still Image Highlight Video
This type of  “movie” is often used for memorials or other special occasions highlighting a person or event.  It is created using still images from scanned photos or already digitized pictures.

We accept images you have digitized and provide to us on a CD or DVD or we can scan the photos for you. (see our photo scanning page)  If you bring in a CD, the images must be named in the order you want them to appear using 3 digits.  001, 002, etc. 

If you bring us the photos they must numbered on the back.

You can provide music and titles. 

You can select pan and zoom at no extra charge.

The transition between pictures is a 30 second dissolve and you can select the length of time the picture is on the screen.  If you use the standard 6 second on screen time, you will need 10 pictures per minute of song.  

The highlight video is provided to you on a master DVD black on silver.  See our packaging page for color DVD.     

We can loop the video so that it plays repeatedly for as long as 4 hours.

Less than 15 minutes- $100 plus $5.00 per song you provide and $5.00 per title
Over 15 minutes- $150.00 plus $5.00 per song you provide and $5.00 per title
Add $3.00 per song if we download it for you.
Looping-  Add $8.00 per hour.

Movie Production

We will help you create your movie or video production at one of our editing stations.  You will have access to narration, green screen, our library of music and images, animation, dvd authoring, etc.  


Do-it-yourself station- $30.00 per hour
Level 2 support- $30.00 per hour additional in 15 minute increments
Level 1 support- $70.00 per hour additional in 15 minute increments