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At Blue Ribbon we are committed to help you digitize your photos and to show you some innovative ways to use them. If quality, price and time are your concerns, you are at the right place.


Why should you transfer your photos?

  • Your photos are slowly deteriorating. Even in dark, cool environments they change color and fade. Digitally archiving them will save them in a lossless format.
  • Once converted to the digital world you can more easily view your photos just as they are using your computer or television.
  • You can use the images you have created for video productions and memorbilia gift products.


Why choose Blue Ribbon to transfer your photos?

  • We scan at 600 DPI so you can print enlargements if desired.
  • We don't send your job to a foreign country.
  • We review each photo after scanning and manually crop and enhance as needed.


  • We use a Kodak 1200 for best image quality.
  • We clean your photos with filtered compressed air and/or soft brushes.
  • We save your images to archival quality CDs or DVDs.
  • We maintain a backup of all your images.
  • We maintain the order of photos if requested.
  • Our prices are low - $.32 per photo with a $15.00 minimum.
  • We offer a non-post-scan enhancement option if you want to edit your scans yourself.
  • We can save to your external hard drive.


No one else offers this combination of quality and pricing.


What is the finished product?

You will receive a data disc with your images listed in the order scanned.  You can view and edit them in your computer. Once in your computer, you can print pictures, send them as email, upload to a website, make video productions with titles and music, etc. You can also play the images on some dvd players to view on your television.

If you want us to make a video production from your images to play on your television, click here.

Click Here to order scanning.


$.32 per photo includes re-orientation, cropping, and image enhancement
in JPG format with archived backup.
$8.00 per CD or DVD
$10.00 saved to your hard drive
$2.00 per proof sheet (32 images per sheet)
Add $.50 per photo if we need to remove them from album or frame or if they are pages from a book

If you choose to do post-scan enhancement our scans are .$25 each

Slideshow Your Photos on DVD. See Video Production.

DPI- We can scan at 300, 600, or 1200 dpi.  If you have a good original and are making a banner, we suggest 1200 dpi.  Otherwise, 600 dpi is the best overall choice.

PRINTED PIECES-Scanned images of such things as newspapers and invitations have letters that cannot be read if the entire image is on the screen.  This may be ok if you want to zoom in.  To be able to read the text, scrolling is an option. (See video productions.)