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Packaging your movie production is just as important as making the movie.  We print right on your CD or DVD in color or black on silver.   This is much better than applying paper labels since paper labels can bubble and peel or create wobble.


Thermal Printing on CD or DVD

This is the least expensive. 
We print in black on silver media with a Rimage thermal printer. You can include text and a logo or small picture.


Free if we produce your job, 10 cents per print on compatible media you bring to us.

4 Lines Free
More than 4 lines. $15.00


Color Printing on CD or DVD

We use an inkjet printer to label your media. Pictures on the front of your DVD or CD really add value to your production.  When selecting an image to use remember to design around the hole in the center.                                 


Also remember that you don’t have to select from still images. There are 30 frames per second on your videos so you probably have millions of still pictures in your tape collection. You can freeze frame any image and use it on your media. The image quality won’t be as good as a picture taken digitally, but often the message is the most important.

0.35¢ per disk

You provide images. $10.00
You provide images and we add up to 4 lines of text. $15.00
You provide images with more than 4 lines of text. $10.00 per 15 minutes of typesetting time.

Package in DVD Case

These are the cases that movie rental stores use. They have a clear plastic jacket into which you can insert a paper label.

Black DVD Case-  1.00 each

Package in jewel case

You can put your production in regular size or slim jewel case with or without paper insert.

Jewel Cases- 30 cents each
Shrink Wrap- 10 cents each

Package in Clamshell

Clamshells are more durable (they don’t crack) and come in clear, green, and blue.

Clear clamshell- 30 cents each

Color clamshell- 40 cents each

Package in paper sleeve with window.

Paper sleeves with window are the most economical way to package your media.

With any service we provide- free
For your media- 2 cents each

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