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At Blue Ribbon when we are transferring film with our High Definition Sniper we often remark how good the transfer looks. We have been transferring film for over 10 years and it just keeps getting better!!

Why should your transfer you film?

  • Your film is slowly deteriorating, even in cool, dark environments.
  • It is more convenient to view your film after it is transferred to DVD.
  • You can use the video to make productions for gifts and other uses.

Why choose Blue Ribbon to transfer your film?

  • We clean and splice your film before transfer.
  • We are one of the few places in the country that transfers in Hi Definition.
  • We can add custom music and titles.
  • We transfer all film locally.
  • We offer the use of our editting station while the job is still in the computer. You can narrate, move or delete scenes, add music, etc.
  • We maintain backups of all film transferred.

What you get when all is said and done.
We will put your transfer onto DVD, external hard drive, or both per your instructions so that you can watch your movies on your television or edit them in your computer.

Film Transfer Pricing

Silent Film Transfer 0.14¢ per foot
Sound Film Transfer 0.29¢ per foot
Saved to DVD $19.95 per DVD master
Saved to your external hard drive $19.95
Saved to both DVD and hard drive $30.00 independent of number of DVDs


Do-it-yourself editing at our studio- Once your film is transferred into our computer you may choose to enhance your movies by adding music, titles, narration, or by rearranging scenes.  To do any of this you can reserve an editing station and do it yourself, you can give us editing instructions, or you can have us put it on your external hard drive so you can edit it at home.

Our in house editing station is $25.00 per hour unattended.  Add $20.00 per half hour for assistance.

Editing per your instructions- $45.00 per hour.  After reviewing your DVD at home, you can give us editing instructions and we will make the edits for you.

Add Music- Select from our list- $10.00.  Provide music- $5.00 per song.
Add titles- $5.00 per title.  $2.50 per title for 20+ titles.

Black on Silver
2 - 4
5 - 9
10 - 19
20 +

Simple typesetting for silver CD is free. Simple typesetting for a color CD is $15.00


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Regular 8mm, Super8mm, and 16mm Film Transfer

We are one of the few companies that transfer 8mm and super8mm film in High Definition.  And we do it for the same price as Standard Definition. We clean and splice and we offer flicker free transfer of sound film.