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Don’t throw away your vinyl records or let your reel-to-reel tapes continue to disintegrate.
We have years of experience in transferring these old forms of audio to CD.

Why should you transfer your records or reel-to-reel tapes or audiocassette?

  • Ease of Listening
  • You can use the digitized recording in video production.

Why choose Blue Ribbon to transfer your audio?

  • We offer a quick turnaround.
  • We use quality turntables.
  • We can apply filters to enhance quality.
  • We can record messages left on your answering machine.
  • We can record conference calls.

NOTE: A CD can hold 80 minutes of recording.

Vinyl Records to CD

$15.00 each

Audio Cassettes to CD

We transfer audio cassettes and micro cassettes to CD

$15.00 per tape. If the tape is longer than 80 minutes it will go on two CD’s. Second CD is $5.00  

Audio Cassette to Audio Cassette

Audio Cassette duplication is $4.00 per tape. See Tech Notes

8-Track to CD

$25.00 per tape.

¼” Reel to Reel to CD

$25.00 per hour of tape transferred. Sometimes the speed changes during the course of transfer.
We correct this in post production at $10.00 per speed change.


Track Creation

All audio transfers give you one track on one file. We can create tracks for $2.00 per track.


Five lines of tilting comes free with each CD. Add $15.00 if we typeset with logos or names of tracks or on CDs with color labels.

Black on Silver
1 =
2 - 4 =
$5.00 each
$5.50 each
5 - 9 =
$4.00 each
$4.50 each
10 - 19 =
$3.50 each
$4.00 each
$2.50 each
$3.00 each

Simple typesetting for silver CD is free.  Simple typesetting for a color CD is $15.00  See our packaging section.

Tape Repair
Sonic welded cassettes- (no screws) $20.00 if tape ends are inside cassette.
$8.00 if tape ends are outside cassette and no repair to cassette is needed.

Cassettes with screws- $15.00 if tape ends are inside cassette. $8.00 if tape ends are outside cassette.

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See our packaging section.package

Tape Length-  When duplicating audio cassettes, we will choose a target tape close in length to the original.  There may be some dead space at the end of side A and beginning of side B.